About P2B


“I transform paper into beads that I then use to create unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry.”

Denise Chramowicz

The Memorial Bracelets are special to me. If I can help just one person remember the good times and get through the sad times just with a touch of the bracelet, then my mission has been completed.

Denise Chramowicz

P2B Jewelry started out as Java’s Jewels. Java’s Jewels came out of a need for jewelry to match an outfit that I was taking on a trip. Knowing that I didn’t have time to look for something, I took to the craft store and made jewelry to match my outfit. At that time, I realized that I enjoyed making the jewelry and thought I would try my hand at selling my pieces, after all, how much jewelry can one person have!

A year or two later, P2B Jewelry was born. I needed something more, I needed to tap into that creative side and I started making my own beads out of paper; any kind of paper. Yes, it is tedious and time consuming, but it is calming for me. It takes approximately 15 minutes hands-on time before a bead is ready to be made into jewelry. That includes cutting, twirling, dipping (to seal) and painting (on the glaze)! Four little words, but all done by hand. The beads are waterproof unless submerged for any length of time.

Making Memories—is totally custom jewelry where you, the client, provide the paper. Samples of pieces that have been done can be found under the Making Memories tab above. I have made jewelry from wedding wrapping paper, wedding invitation, and baby wrapping paper; any event where there is paper involved.

As part of the Making Memories line, I take the prayer card or service bulletin after the passing of a loved one and make a personalized bracelet (year of birth and death and the name). Just a touch of the bracelet can bring up fond memories and help you through the rough times. If I can help just one person remember the good times, get through the sad times, then my mission has been completed.

For more information and pictures, please click the Making Memories tab above.