Making Memories

Making Memories is just as simple as the name. I will take paper YOU supply and create a beautiful, sentimental piece of jewelry. Suggested events, but not limited to:

births or adoption
graduations (using the school colors)
and more.

Necklaces start at $30.00 for a simple beaded necklace with the cost going up with the complexity of the piece.

Bracelets start at $25.00 with the cost going up with the complexity or number of charms.

The Memorial Bracelet is created from Prayer Cards, Memorial Service Bulletin. Bracelets are personalized with the year of birth and death and the name of the loved one who has passed, or Mom, Dad, etc. I need four prayer cards (unlaminated if you have them) to make the bracelet and one extra if you would like a card included with the bracelet. Bracelets are delivered in a gift box with tied with a ribbon. Memorial Bracelets are $25.00.

If you have questions or wish to order a bracelet, email me at

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